Trends With Benefits

Net neutrality is now a thing again. The FCC's 3-2 vote on Thursday signaled the commission's intent to keep the Internet accessible to all, despite protest from broadband providers. The TWB panel digs into what the FCC decision will mean going forward, along with why net neutrality is vital to innovation. 

Other topics are the Apple iWatch unveilingcarbon fiber gladiator suits, mind controlled drones, and a wearable device that would be illegal to use in public.

This episode of Trends with Benefits features Ian Bell, Drew Prindle, Stewart Barnett and Greg Nibler. 

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Featuring Ian Bell, Dan Gaul, Glenn Chin, Drew Prindle and Greg Nibler.  Live from the DT War Room we discuss Ian as one of Portland's 40 under 40, Youtube Subscription Service, Facebook VR and a talking Barbie.

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Featuring Caleb Denison, Dan Gaul, Nick Mokey and Greg Nibler.  Live from the DT-utorium we discuss Samsung's eavesdropping and insertion issues, Driverless Cars in the UK and the Foodsniffer.  What won't Nick eat?  We do our best to find out.

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Featuring Drew Prindle, Caleb Denison, Nick Jaynes, Jeffrey Van Camp and Greg Nibler.  We discuss the Apple iWatch and TV, Fitbits vs. Gobe, Skin Implant and we take a question from Listener Jeff about Capacitors.  Oh, also a band was formed during the show.

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